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Dick Dokas

Dick Dokas is a retired career teacher who has taught photography, computer graphics, and biology. His early interest in art centered on drawing, which he pursued seriously well into adulthood before turning to photography.

Among the teachers at workshops that he has attended were Ansel Adams, Howard Bond, Morley Baer, John Sexton and Judy Dater. His long association with Howard Bond has had the greatest impact on his photography.

His contributions to photographic education continue as juror, speaker, and workshop instructor. He has taught many workshops with Howard Bond in the United States and Canada. He has authored articles in national publications. Photo Techniques featured his photographs in 2003 as well as this year in the magazine.

He has exhibited in the U.S. and in Europe in one-man and group exhibitions, and his photographs are in numerous collections around the world, including the Ford collection.

Landscapes and flowers are the most frequently chosen subjects for his 8"×10" camera which is the only film size he uses. Most prints are made with unsharp masks to obtain detail beyond what 8"×10" negatives normally provide. In order to make precision burns and dodges Ross masks are frequently utilized.