Dokas Photos - Silver Images


The Enlarger

The enlarger that I use is one that I have built using a few items that I salvaged from an Elwood enlarger - mainly just the rack and pinion mechanism. The black box is made of wood and contains the filter drawer and negative carrier. Seated on the top is an aluminum box housing a homemade 12"×12" coldhead lamp.

Here are the views of my enlarger head as well as a description for each picture.

Left Side

The left side of the enlarger

The bottom board of the black box is U-shaped with the negative carrier’s end protruding. You can see my large relay mounted to a floor joist. The two vertical over exposed strips are meter sticks used to record the height settings for both the bellows and column for each print.

Right Side

The right side of the enlarger

The filter drawer is closed and you can see how the filter door is constructed.

Front & Door Open

The front side of the enlarger

The front filter drawer is open and you can see the felt attached to the inside of the door used as a light trap and cushion when the door is closed. The center cutout in the front filter opening is so I can easily get my remaining fingers in there to remove the 300mm×300mm filter. You can see the bottom of my light is about 3/4 inch above the filter and well down into the wooden box which has black weather stripping on it’s inside to trap light and make it very easy to remove the light head . You can’t see it but there is a channel in the sides of the box where the filter slides in. I made these by simply running the saw blade into the wooden sides boards about 1/8 of an inch. I went to a hobby shop and purchased some piano wire. A single wire was taped to the back of each filter which keeps the filter from sagging as you side it into place. The two white strips that you see at both sides of the opening are glow in the dark strips of tape which make it a snap to find the channels to put the filter in when you are changing filters in the dark.


The underside of the enlarger

There are 4 slotted bolts that hold the whole head to the bottom. I removed these and used the same 4 bolts to attach the wooden top. You can see the handle and counter weight used to operate the door. No catches or fasteners are used to jar the negative when I opened the filter drawer to change filters just the counter weight holds the door tightly shut.