Dokas Photos - Silver Images


On the Flower Prints

Painting red clay on the negative Painting the background of a flower negative with red clay on a four bristle brush to block all light. This retains the very bright background.

I used to draw a lot and I wanted an image that had the same feeling as a drawing so I have combined a number of techniques to arrive at that feeling. First I chose a silver chloride emulsion paper rather than the more ubiquitous silver bromide because the resulting image would be softer. I have used filters to subtract the color of the flower rendering the flower white.

After this, I hand painted out the background on the negative using a four-bristle brush a process that takes awhile! The result is a white flower on a white background which is rather flat in appearance so next I split toned the paper to give a three dimensional effect to it. Toning normally changes the color of the entire image but because of the emulsion that I am using this color change can be stopped at any time. I stop this process when just the darker parts change to a reddish brown leaving the lightest parts silver hence the name split toned.

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